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cairns musician mark burton


I am a singer/guitarist who has performed solo, and in various duos and bands. 


Playing guitar and singing, I usually perform using a harmony pedal to complement the vocals, and backing tracks that I have created myself, but can also play with just guitar accompaniment.

Having performed for many years, I have a wide knowledge of what audiences want. And because of my large repertoire, I can tailor my set to suit audiences of all ages. This experience allows me to ‘turn on a dime’ if I find the audience demographic changing mid gig, which often happens.

I usually start the evening with laid back music whilst people are dining, but later in the evening ramp things up with more upbeat songs, and if the situation suits, changing from acoustic to electric guitar.

My focus is playing what the audience wants to hear, playing favourites from all eras, and the positive reactions I get from the audience confirms that I’m on the right track with what I play. The whoops and cheers I get when I start a particular song are a clue!

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